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The RP28 is your No. 1 go to for a comfortable ride, premium touring tyre.

  • Computer aided low noise tread design with long tread life
  • An all-season and comfortable ride premium touring tyre.
  • Silica tech compounding technology ensuring low rolling resistance and saving fuel expenditure.
  • Improved shoulder sipes providing better handling during cornering.


The SA07 is a premium performance tyre.

  • Four wide circumference grooves to ensure quick and efficient water evacuation for enhanced wet traction. 
  • Premium performance tyres for sedans and race cars.
  • Silica Tech was adopted for low rolling resistance and precise control with low noise.
  • Rim Protector protects the wheel rim and provides superior handling control and enhanced cornering.


The SL366 Mud Legend is the perfect tyre for hardcore 4WD enthusiasts.

  • Especially designed for unpaved tough roads (professional off-road tyres).
  • Various shoulder blocks promote driving and handling performance. 
  • Perfect grip performance on touch surfaces such as mud and sand. 


The SL369 is an all-terrain tyre that will meet all your needs.

  • Wide tread and multi-stepped grooves increase surface area of tread to enhance traction both on and off roads.
  • Zig-zag grooves offer efficient water drainage and enhanced traction on wet roads. 
  • Large tread blocks aid with stability/handling with less noise on highway. 
  • Aggressive sidewall protectors increase off-road bite and prevent damage from sidewall cut and abrasion.


The H188 is a six-ply commercial rated tyre.  Perfect for the price conscious with a rugged design.

  • A valuable commercial light truck tyre for vehicles on paved roads.
  • 3 grooves provide improved handling and comfort.
  • Polyester tyre casing with steel belts for good durability.


The SU318 is an outstanding tyre on road comfort and wet traction safety. 

  • An Ideal highway terrain tyre integrated outstanding on-road comfort and wet traction safety as a whole.
  • Four longitude grooves combined with wind sipes ensure excellent water evacuation and wet traction performance.
  • Silica tech adopted for better wet grip as well as low rolling resistance.
  • Re-constructed steel bead wire improves driving comfort effectively.