Here at Herb Morgan Tyres we offer a plethora of different, unique services to meet every tyre or wheel related need.

From wheel alignments, new tyres and fleet servicing to batteries, used tyres and more, we are sure to have something for everyone. Just scroll down to check out our range of meticulous services and how they can help you!

New Tyres (All Brands)

Need a new tyre? You’ve come to the right place!

With a massive range of new tyres including tyres for 4x4s, heavy trucks and forklifts, we have a tyre for every purpose. All you need to do is enquire about what’s best for you and we’ll take care of the rest, supplying you with the best tyre brands every time!

Just get in touch today and see how a new tyre can help you.

Wheel Alignments

Vehicle veering off to one direction when you drive? You need a wheel alignment!

Wheel alignments are not only crucial to your wellbeing but your vehicle’s wellbeing too! One of the key maintenance factors to ensure that you get the most economy and performance out of your tyres, a wheel alignment will provide you with safe, predictable wheel control for a more smooth, comfortable drive.

Just get in touch today and see how a wheel alignment can help you.

Wheel Balancing

Does your car seem to be guzzling gas more than usual? You may need a wheel balance.

Technologically advanced to provide the optimum wheel balance for your vehicle, our wheel balancing service will have have your car running more quietly, comfortably and efficiently than ever before. Not to mention saving you a boatload of unnecessary mileage built up from having unbalanced wheels.

Just get in touch today and see if you’re in need of a wheel balance.

Nitrogen Filling

Do you like the sound of improved road grip, enhanced fuel efficiency and a long tyre life? Of course you do!

By filling your tyres with nitrogen rather than air you can have all this and more. Tyres pumped with nitrogen have been proven to leak two to three times slower than normal air filled tyres, saving you valuable time and money.

Just get in touch and have your tyres optimised with a nitrogen fill today.


Here at Herb Morgan it’s not just tyres that we cover as we also do batteries!

Delivering longer lasting batteries for a longer lasting vehicle life, our battery service only offers the best in vehicle battery products. We’ll even provide you with a few helpful tips on how you can guarantee your vehicles battery life lasts even longer than ever.

Just click here to get in touch and find out more about how a new battery can help you.

Fleet Servicing

If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles that needs servicing you’ve come to the right place!

Offering a total tyre replacement service regardless of fleet size, we will help you get your fleet ready and raring to go with only the finest tyres and wheels known to man.

Just get in touch today and see if a fleet service is right for you!

Puncture Repairs

Tyre puncture? Don’t fret, we may be able to save it!

Saving you from having to buy a whole new tyre, our puncture repairs service is designed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. However, whether or not your tyre is repairable is completely dependant on where it has been punctured and to what extent.

So, bring your punctured tyre in today and we’ll let you know whether or not we can fix it!

Get in quick though, that space saver you are using as a replacement isn’t designed for use over an extended period of time – not to mention you can’t go over 80 km/h on it!