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The PA51 has enhanced all weather performance, wet grip and treadwear along with year-round traction including in light snow.  Multiple angle lateral grooves and four channel grooves designed to resist hydroplaning. Great for European vehicles.

  • Optimised Rib Block Design – Powerful dry performance with reinforced centre/outside rib block and increased grounding surface.
  • Strong Wet Performance – Wide 4 circumferential grooves give better tread drainage and driving stability.
  • Noise Reduction Pitch Design – Optimised pitch design to improve the overall driving comfort.


The Kumho HP71 is a crossover tyre, designed for SUV and all-season touring. The all-season compound is at home in wet and dry conditions with a big focus on a quiet ride. Comfortable ride with grip in all conditions.

  • Low-Noise Pattern Design – Variable 5-Pitch pattern and groove angle applied for quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Enhanced Wet Performance – Improved Hydroplaning resistance and wet traction with multiple lateral grooves and wide 4 circumferential grooves.
  • Premium Sidewall Design – Hologram technology on sidewall for luxurious appearance and refined texture.
  • Improved Driving Performance – Zig-zag solid centre rib and micro-sipe applied for driving stability.


The AT51 provides off-road traction, performance. Stone ejector bars applied along with a step design on the shoulders. Sidewall designed inspired by sharp imagery.

  • Gripping Performance – Full-depth center grooves deliver outstanding off-road grip and performance.
  • Maximised Traction Performance – Due to 45 degree chamfer cuts in the tread blocks.
  • Stone Ejector bars – Designed to help prevent damage from stone drills and aid self-cleaning.
  • Sidewall Design – Designed to portray a sharp durable All-Terrain product.


The MT71 is a non-directional premium Mud tyre with fantastic off-road ability combined with great on road manners and mileage. Ideal on\off road tyre for New Zealand’s conditions.

  • Powerful Off-Road Traction – Applied zig-zag center block design and dual-pitch.
  • Improved Handling and Stability – Reinforced vertical and horizontal blocks.
  • Angled Chamfer Cut – C-Cut design applied for high traction performance.
  • Reinforced Sidewall Endurance – Aggressive dual side biter design and reinforced Cut & Chip prevention.


The KC53 is a new generation tyre for light commercial vehicles. It is a tyre with high mileage and good handling properties.

  • Developed for commercial light truck, transporter, van.
  • Fully functional block type pattern design delivers increased mileage and traction.
  • Straight centre groove and sipes improve ride and noise.


The TA31 is designed to withstand the rigors of urban driving. It features a tread compound designed specifically for high performance as well as high levels of wet and dry traction for excellent handling and braking.

  • Balanced grand touring all season performance
  • Improved snow traction and mileage
  • Variable pitch tread block design for low noise generation

Zetum KR26

Zetum is Kumho’s entry level brand that is designed and manufactured by Kumho. The KR26 is an excellent all-around wet and dry performance tyre. Variable pitch tread blocks reduce noise for a quiet ride. With advanced tread compounding and casing construction to increase the driving experience. 

  • All season performance, biased to winter conditions
  • Modern tread and sidewall design provides sophisticated appearance
  • Three longitudinal grooves for optimum wet drainage